Friday, 12 October 2012

A Refreshing Start to University Life

Freshers’ Week has come to an end, and students are now in their third week of term - how quickly that has happened! During Freshers’ Week I was asked to be a roving reporter on the Chester Campus and to catch up with students on the campus and report from the main event of the week… the Freshers Fair!


So what is Freshers week?

Well it is essentially an introduction to the facilities available on campus and within the local area with a variety of events throughout the week to help students adapt and adjust to university life. One of the most popular events each year is the Freshers’ Fair where literally thousands (this year it was over 2,000) students queue in the rain or shine (more rain this year) to essentially collect a lot of freebies whether it’s a; Free Hug from someone dressed as a panda, a slice of pizza or a Student t-shirt, and find out about national and local businesses within the Chester area. It’s also the place where students can find out about local services such as University registered doctors or dentists. This year was no different, the Sports Hall had over 100 stalls for students to visit, the former Chester Students’ Union president was on the decks throwing out the tunes, and the rumour that there was free pizza slices had spread near and far altogether creating a brilliant atmosphere of engagement and excitement with students discovering everything that is available to them whilst studying at Chester.

As I made my way through the crowds, asking students how they were enjoying Freshers’ Week and settling into life at the University of Chester I was getting a very clear message from students:  go out, have fun, join loads of clubs and societies and enjoy Freshers’ Week. There is so much to get involved with during Freshers’ Week, and the Students Union provided a day by day list of events for students including an exclusive Freshers Welcome Party, silent disco, beach party, Freshers Week Quiz plus live performances from King Charles and Lucy Rose.

Freshers’ Week isn't just about your free time, during Freshers’ Week you will also have the opportunity to become familiar with where your lectures are, meet staff and socialise with classmates. Campus Tours are provided to help students discover the facilities available on campus, and certain venues like the library will provide welcome sessions for new students to attend. The University of Chester is a campus based university so it doesn't take too long to become familiar with where everything is, plus the community feel on campus so many of our students tell us means your often bumping into people you know.

With regards to the clubs and societies well we now have over 95! These include more traditional sports such as: Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Equestrian, Rowing etc. as well as a clubs and societies that you might not had even thought about joining such as Ultimate Frisbee, Circus Magic Skills, American Football, Video Gaming, Cheer-leading  Snow sports and more! Now at 95 you would think we've got enough but there’s always room for more and if you’re interested in setting up a new club or society then the Students Union can help. Generally, the vast majority of students will have Wednesday afternoons off to partake in any clubs or societies they have joined, and Friday (during Freshers’ Week) was your opportunity to find out more about a club or society and if you liked it - sign up!

Phew! Well I think I've covered a basic introduction to Freshers’ Week, but look out for the Freshers’ Week video to hear what it’s like adapting and adjusting to university life from current students.

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