Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Want to get a snapshot of what really happens at the University of Chester?

For the past three years we've been running the Student Snapshot competition for students studying at the University of Chester to submit a photo that captures a memory or experience whilst here and to let us know in no more than 50 words why they chose it.

Starting in 2011, we wanted students to consider what university life meant to them, whether that was friendships, their studies, the campus or something more abstract. In the first year of the competition we had over 120 entries! Photographs varied from nights out, clubs and societies events, field trips, placements and of the campus itself. After reviewing all the entries, the winners were judged by the University’s team of experts and our first winner of the competition was Dance student Ceri Rowett, with her entry below.

"University for me is about meeting people who you normally wouldn't meet, who have different backgrounds, religions or ethics. This photo is of me and my house mates. We are all totally diverse characters that have such wide ranging beliefs, hobbies and study courses that are so far from each other.  I have learnt things from each of them that I feel cannot be taught in class and will help me greatly in the future. This to me is something special."

You can view our short list of winners from 2011 on our 2011 winner’s page.

2012 – Student Snapshot Competition Enters Second Year

2012 Joint 3rd Prize - Jennifer Cocker

Over the summer in 2012 the Student Snapshot competition started again and finished in early October. This was over a different time of year than the previous competition as we were keen to see what photographs would be submitted during the start of term. 

When the competition came to a close, we had just over 70 entries. As there were so many great entries we shortlisted 13 pictures and had four overall winners, with student Monica Brentnall winning the 2012 Student Snapshot competition with her entry below.

2012 winning image - 
Monica Brentnall

"As an international student living alone for the first time, university life meant making new friends and experiencing new things. This year, I made some of the greatest and hanging out together meant doing things as simple as flying kites, but they would still be memories hard to forget."

Check out our 2012 winners to see how some of the other entries captured their time at university.

2013 – Competition Goes Social

We're now in our third year, and this year we've changed some key elements of the competition. The first change is that entry is via social media using the hashtag: #captureuoc. Previously we had students emailing their photographs to us and then we would choose the winners. 

2012 2nd Prize - James Pickup
So why have we changed it to social media entry only? Well, although we were receiving some fantastic entries by email, we thought that if we made the competition even easier to enter, we might get a broader range of entries. It also made the competition more interactive, engaging and fun, not only allowing our students to enter their photo into the competition but also share and view other entries. 

2011 Joint 3rd Prize - 
Jessica Thompson

The second change is that we have invited video entries limited to 6- 15 seconds. 

How's it going? Well after 4 weeks of the competition, we have already had over 100 entries. With a broad range of photographs submitted, We’ve not had too many video entries but this might change! :-)

One thing that has stayed constant throughout the three years is how much our students appear to enjoy their time at the University of Chester and how much they get out of the whole experience. As 2011 joint third prize winner Jessica Thompson describes: “the three things I left the University Chester with: a degree, incredible friends and wonderful memories.” 


  1. None of these images really represent academia - worrying!

    1. Oh I don't know... the 2012 third prize shows a Geography field visit to Norway, there's also a good idea of some of the clubs and societies and of course graduation! It's a student-led competition, so there's not much opportunity to take photos of lectures - they're too busy working! ;-)