Monday, 15 September 2014

Settling In

Welcome to your University! Whether you are living on campus or commuting from home, travelling from the other side of the country or already living in Chester, attending university is a big deal. Here at the University of Chester we want to show you that making that big leap into the unknown will seem like an easy step.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Top 10 tips for budgeting

There are a lot of new experiences involved in going to University; new friends, new surroundings, new lessons, new clubs and societies, new accommodation, new pencil case… there’s loads! However, one thing that’s useful to keep the same, or if you’re new to it – start, is budgeting. Wait, wait, wait don’t leave the page yet. I know it’s probably not the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to, but it’s definitely one of the most important.

If you start planning and budgeting early, it’s something that’s only going to become more and more useful throughout life.  That’s why we’ve put together our top ten tips for budgeting at university.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Update ALERT - Accommodation Allocations!

With results day fast approaching, we at the Accommodation Office thought we’d give you a quick update as to where we’re up to with the accommodation allocations.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Clearing Advice

If you find that you don’t get the grades you had hoped for and need to go through Clearing, don’t panic! There’s lots of help and support on offer, from both universities and UCAS. We can bet that you won’t be the only one in that situation.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Student’s Perspective: Clearing

A-level Results Day was one of the most nerve racking and frankly frightening days of my life. Nothing is set in stone and it is all down to the final set of exam results to determine which university you will go to. In comparison, I was less nervous on my first day of university!

One of the biggest worries is not getting the grades you need for the university you want to go to, and an even bigger worry is not getting the grades you need for either of your choices. If you unfortunately don’t get your results, then that’s where Clearing comes in.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Recommended Reading... Student Blogs

We love it when our students blog, not only because this gives us an opportunity to see how much they're enjoying their university experience and read about all the interesting stuff they have been up to, but also because we know this is a good way of allowing prospective students to find out more about the real student experience.

I'm sure many of you will have read our prospectus, scrolled through our website or even spoken to a course tutor about the degree programme you have applied for. However, when you really want to know what to expect, nothing really compares to actually engaging with those who are currently experiencing what the University of Chester has to offer... our students.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

How does spending five weeks of your life in an office, unpaid, doing nine to five sound?

The Green Chester Team
We have done just that as our Work Based Learning project with Green Chester. It was a massive eye opener for us to see what working in industry would be like when we leave University.  During the last five weeks we have spent here, we have learnt so much from everyone around us, especially from our placement provider.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Everyone has a story to tell - #mychesterstory

You may be counting down the months until you start your exciting new University life. Or you may already be a student here, or are a graduate with happy memories of your time at Chester. Whatever the case, you've worked really hard to get to where you are, and we wanted to celebrate that with something we're calling #mychesterstory

Everyone has a story to tell and we want to share your experiences of being part of the Chester community, bringing them all together into a story with more characters, twists and turns than the Game of Thrones series. So, whether you're going through A-level stresses and need to vent, are celebrating your academic or sporting achievements or just had a really good night out with your mates, tag your messages, photos and videos with #mychesterstory. We can't wait to hear from you.

Here's what we've spotted already:

Friday, 30 May 2014

Things to do before you start university

Although it may seem ages until you start university, it’s surprising how quickly it will come around. While I’m sure you have got lots of exciting things planned for the summer, it’s also worth spending a little bit of time getting ready for university. You may think there’s not much to organise other than packing all your things up ready to move, however there are a few things you can do before you arrive so there’s less to do when you start. This means you can concentrate on getting used to your new surroundings and getting involved with everything else happening during Induction Week.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Not been to see us yet?

Our Applicant Days are now over, but if you haven’t been able to visit yet, don’t worry.  We run regular campus tours, so there’s still time to visit before term starts.

Visiting in person is the best way to experience what’s on offer and get a feel for what it will be like to be a student at Chester.  Our guided tours give you the opportunity to have a good look around the campus facilities, find out about services available to students and ask any questions you may have.

We run tours of the Chester Campus and the Warrington Campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Student’s Perspective: Added extras make all the difference

Throughout my university journey I have taken advantage of many opportunities presented to me to not only enhance my degree and experience at the University of Chester, but to develop skills and attributes to take on with me once I graduate.

Real World Work Experience

In my first year I gained a place on the ‘UniJob’ scheme, a recruitment service run by the Careers and Employability department which involved a rigorous application and interview stage.  This process familiarised me with the formal employment procedure which I will experience in the ‘real world’ after I finish university.  It has been an invaluable service, allowing access to roles which I may never have had the chance to undertake had it not been for the scheme. I’ve organised an annual departmental conference, persuaded local employers to host work shadowing visits and developed an online environment for new students to engage with future lecturers before they start university.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Want to apply for University Accommodation?

If you’ve selected Chester as either your Firm or Insurance choice, you might be wondering about the process for applying for accommodation. Well, applications for University owned accommodation are now open. If you haven’t already received the details you need to apply for accommodation, you should soon be receiving them soon. And as soon as you’ve received these details you can then start to apply online.

However, if you haven’t yet decided whether you would like to accept your offer from us, don’t worry. There’s no ‘first come, first served’ policy at Chester, so as long as you submit your application to us by Sunday 27th July, your application will be considered fairly. So there’s no need to worry about rushing your decision.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Choosing your perfect match... responding to offers

For most of you reading this blog, your UCAS journey will shortly be coming to an end (sob!), and whilst we love finding out all about you from your application, I'm sure you’re hoping that it will never rear its ugly head again. So now it gets really interesting, and in the words of Paddy McGuinness ‘the power is now in your hands’. This is the point that your whole educational life has been leading up to, so before you make that final decision and respond to your offers, here’s some top tips to consider when searching for your perfect match!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Team Chester All Together Better

I guess when people see Team Chester they imagine that it is to do with our fit and strong students who have one thing on their mind or it conjures up images of Team GB athletes training every hour of every day to achieve top performances?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Your Law career starts here

If you've applied for one of our Law degrees at Chester, it might re-assure you to know that our world-class careers team have a specialist Law Career Consultant to help maximise your employment credentials come graduation. Philippa Hardie, Career Consultant at the University of Chester, has built up an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of legal careers over the past 14 years and has been involved with the Law School here since it opened in 2005.

Friday, 14 March 2014

A Student’s Perspective: Living in Halls

Moving away from home to a new area, with totally new people and into a totally new building, can be quite a daunting concept but about an hour after settling in, student accommodation is just fine! The scary aspect of it slowly drifts away as you start to unpack your room and meet more and more new people. Yes it may seem odd starting a conversation with a stranger but these strangers could turn out to be your friends for life.

You are not alone

Living in student accommodation can be great fun as you are never alone.  There is always someone’s door to knock on, or someone to annoy when you’re bored, or someone to go shopping with! Basically there will be a person to do anything and everything with!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Applicant Days, in the words of our Applicants

By now, you've probably had at least one invitation from us to attend an Applicant Day. Even if you've visited us on an Open Day, it's certainly worth making another visit as the events are smaller, giving you more time to spend in the subject area(s) of your choice. Your questions for our staff and students will likely be different, as you'll be narrowing your options down, and have a better idea of what you're looking for from your university choices. They are also a great opportunity to have a look at the local city where you could be spending the next three years of your life, so take some time to explore the surroundings.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Applicant Day Checklist

Over the last few weeks we’ve enjoyed meeting applicants who attended our first Applicant Days of the year.  If you have an offer from Chester and haven’t visited yet, we’d love to see you!  There are still plenty of dates available to choose from over the coming months.

There’s no better way to get a feel for what a university is like than to come and experience it for yourself.  You may have already visited us at an Open Day, but have different questions or just want a more in-depth visit before making that all-important decision.

Here are our top five tips for getting the most out of your Applicant Day:

Monday, 10 February 2014

Get ahead with Graduate Head Start!

If you’re contemplating becoming a student at the University of Chester, you might be interested in how Chester can help to enhance your employability upon graduation, giving you a head start in what is a crowded job market. With some of the leading employment stats in the North-West, it’s where we come into our own - helping you to make a huge difference to your future employment prospects. 

Chester offers a wealth of support and advice, with various initiatives on offer, all aimed at making you more employable upon graduation. Our unique, innovative and highly successful Graduate Head Start (GHS) programme was developed to provide you with the employment skills and professional development needed to give you that head start towards your chosen career path.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Introducing our Accommodation Office...

If you've recently received an offer from Chester... congratulations! It might be that you are now starting to think about where you’re going to live. September might seem like a long way off but, in terms of your living arrangements, it's important that you spend some time thinking about what’s important to you and researching the various options available at Chester. But don't worry, help is at hand...

Friday, 17 January 2014

Point of Difference

If you’re considering becoming a student at the University of Chester, you might be curious as to how Chester can make a difference to your future employment prospects. With some of the best employment stats in the region, it’s an area where we feel we can make a big difference. There’s tons of help and advice available at Chester and several initiatives all geared towards making you more employable. And in recent months, we have developed The Chester Difference Award; an award that can help differentiate you in a crowded job market.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Make a weekend of it...

If you've recently booked yourself onto one of our ever popular Applicant Days, whilst you’re visiting the University, why not stay in the area a little longer and find out what else Chester and Cheshire has to offer?

We’re always keen for our applicants to visit us. It’s the best way of finding out whether a particular University feels right for you. However, my advice here would be to not just focus on the University itself (although this is obviously very important) but to also check what there is to do in the surrounding area. After all, in choosing a university, you’re also choosing the location and this can obviously have a bearing on your overall student experience.

So, when visiting the University of Chester, why not plan some additional excursions around the Applicant Day itself? Perhaps make a weekend of it? Here are a few suggestions of popular attractions you might like to visit whilst you’re visiting either Chester or Warrington.