Friday, 17 January 2014

Point of Difference

If you’re considering becoming a student at the University of Chester, you might be curious as to how Chester can make a difference to your future employment prospects. With some of the best employment stats in the region, it’s an area where we feel we can make a big difference. There’s tons of help and advice available at Chester and several initiatives all geared towards making you more employable. And in recent months, we have developed The Chester Difference Award; an award that can help differentiate you in a crowded job market.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Make a weekend of it...

If you've recently booked yourself onto one of our ever popular Applicant Days, whilst you’re visiting the University, why not stay in the area a little longer and find out what else Chester and Cheshire has to offer?

We’re always keen for our applicants to visit us. It’s the best way of finding out whether a particular University feels right for you. However, my advice here would be to not just focus on the University itself (although this is obviously very important) but to also check what there is to do in the surrounding area. After all, in choosing a university, you’re also choosing the location and this can obviously have a bearing on your overall student experience.

So, when visiting the University of Chester, why not plan some additional excursions around the Applicant Day itself? Perhaps make a weekend of it? Here are a few suggestions of popular attractions you might like to visit whilst you’re visiting either Chester or Warrington.