Friday, 14 March 2014

A Student’s Perspective: Living in Halls

Moving away from home to a new area, with totally new people and into a totally new building, can be quite a daunting concept but about an hour after settling in, student accommodation is just fine! The scary aspect of it slowly drifts away as you start to unpack your room and meet more and more new people. Yes it may seem odd starting a conversation with a stranger but these strangers could turn out to be your friends for life.

You are not alone

Living in student accommodation can be great fun as you are never alone.  There is always someone’s door to knock on, or someone to annoy when you’re bored, or someone to go shopping with! Basically there will be a person to do anything and everything with!

Social experience

University is about doing new things and having different experiences, and student accommodation only enhances this. It allows people to come out of their comfort zones and develop their social skills. After all, who wants to go through years at uni with no friends?

Living in student accommodation can help you make some fantastic friends from all different walks of life. And if you’re lucky enough to have an international student living with you, then even better, as different lifestyles can be combined and new things can be learnt.


However, there is another aspect to living in halls as it isn’t just about the social life. The other benefit of moving away from home is that it enables you to learn and grow in independence as well as in confidence. Prior to coming to university, most students are used to living at home and not bothering with normal mundane things like cooking, washing and cleaning. However, once you start to live in student accommodation, these things can quickly become part of your daily routine, enabling you to become more and more independent and in essence growing up.

Living in student accommodation teaches you things that you can only really experience when you are there, so if the opportunity arises then it is definitely recommended.

Aimee Kirton
Year 2
English and Theology and Religious Studies student

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