Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Student’s Perspective: Clearing

A-level Results Day was one of the most nerve racking and frankly frightening days of my life. Nothing is set in stone and it is all down to the final set of exam results to determine which university you will go to. In comparison, I was less nervous on my first day of university!

One of the biggest worries is not getting the grades you need for the university you want to go to, and an even bigger worry is not getting the grades you need for either of your choices. If you unfortunately don’t get your results, then that’s where Clearing comes in.

Last year I went to get my results and, unfortunately, didn’t receive the grades I needed for either my Firm or Insurance choice; and I was devastated. As well as being disappointed that I hadn’t achieved the grades I had wanted, I was also anxious because, at that moment in time, I didn’t have a university to go to!

So I went onto the UCAS website to search their list of universities with places left. From there I rang several universities and received new offers. I was given a few days to then confirm which place I would be taking. Most colleges have people on hand to help with Clearing; however if not, it’s clearly explained and easy to follow online.

Going through Clearing was an experience I wouldn’t like to repeat because of the panic you feel; having the plans you have been making over the past year just disappear. However, the people on the phone are friendly and explain all you need to know.

At the end of the day, University is University. At any University you will meet friends for life, have a great time and hopefully come out of it with a degree. So if I had one piece of advice for those who go through Clearing: don’t panic! Everything will work out!

If I imagine being at the one of the universities I had originally applied for, no doubt I would have been happy. However, after experiencing University of Chester, I have no doubt this is the place I was meant to be and that was all down to Clearing.

Good luck!
Hope Gill-Daintith
First Year

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